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Rointe Heaters - Save Energy Now! 

We are the main Rointe dealers specialising in energy efficient electric radiators and their delivery throughout the UK and Ireland.


Many of our customers benefit from receiving huge savings on their energy bills when switching to Rointe products. We believe they are the best energy saving electric radiators in the marketplace – so don’t be left behind!

Rointe Radiators

Rointe have recently launched their new range called Kyros which will replace the K Series. If you are searching for the K Series then hurry as stocks are limited and will eventually be fully replaced by the Rointe Kyros range. Both the Kyros and K Series ranges are extremely energy efficient due to a patented technology Fuzzy Logic & Optimizer Energy Plus, which allows for greater energy efficiency, only costing a few pence per hour to run! For more information, read about our radiator running costs.


All our Rointe heaters, are styled to fit beautifully in your home, they are wall mounted and extremely easy to install, requiring only a few minutes per electric radiator with no pipe work.

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About Us

Why Greenvision?

Greenvision Heating is a division of Greenvision Energy Ltd. We are Green Deal Providers and specialise in cost-effective ways to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint by installing energy efficient measures for both domestic & commercial premises. We pride ourselves on our levels of service and our number one objective is to save customers money! We always put our customers first.

Rointe are market leaders in terms of technology, using a unique patented operating system "Optimiser Energy Plus". This system constantly controls temperature variation to fraction of a degree. Less temperature variation means less energy used. We also offer a supply and fit service and free tariff switching.

Our range of products and services include:

  • Grant Funding;
  • Low Consumption Electric Heating Systems;
  • Insulation Measures - External Wall Insulation & Cavity Wall Insulation;
  • Energy Efficient Lighting;
  • Tariff Switching Service;
  • Water Saving Products;
  • Renewable Technology - Solar PV, Biomass & Air & Ground Source Heat Pumps;
  • Energy Audits - Commercial Energy Audits, EPCs & Green Deal Advice Report.


Our objective is to give you the quickest possible return on any investments you make from installing low carbon technology.

Our Websites:

Electric Radiators - www.greenvisionradiators.co.uk

Elnur Radiators - www.greenvisionheating.co.uk/elnur

Green Deal - www.greenvisionenergy.co.uk

Water Saving Devices - www.gve-watersavingdevices.co.uk



Contact Details

Feel free to contact us if you have any query.

  • Address : Nottingham Sustainability and Enterprise Centre, 662 Nuthall Road, Nottingham, NG8 6AQ, United Kingdom
  • Phone : +44 (0)115 854 7498

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Our sales and support team are available between the following hours.

  • Monday - Friday : 8.30 to 17.00
  • Saturday : Closed
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