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Rointe Heaters

Rointe Heaters - Save Energy Now!

We are Rointe dealers specialising in delivering the most efficient Rointe heaters throughout the UK and Ireland. Many of our customers benefit from receiving huge savings on their energy bills when switching to the fantastic Rointe K Series electric heaters as we believe they are some of the best, energy saving electric heaters - so don't be left behind! We believe that Rointe low consumption radiators, are the heating products of the present and the future.

Rointe Radiators - Rointe K Series

The range of Rointe radiators we supply are extremely energy efficient. The Rointe K Series use a new patented technology called, Optimizer Energy Plus, which allows for greater energy efficiency, only costing a few pence per hour to run! For more information, read about our radiator running costs.

All our Rointe heaters, are styled to fit beautifully in your home, they are wall mounted and extremely easy to install, requiring only a few minutes per electric radiator with no pipe work. Not sure which of our Rointe heaters is the right size for your room? Then check out our Rointe radiator room calculator that will ensure you don't pick the wrong size.

To discuss what you're looking for in detail, or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on 0115 854 7498.

Rointe Towel Rails - T Series

We have a broad range of Rointe towel rails, whether chrome, metal, or white, Rointe T Series, will cater for your every requirement. Rointe towel rails, are super energy efficient, low consumption, heated towel rails, once again due to the unique patented operating system, Optimiser Energy Plus, which controls temperature variations to fractions of a degree. Heated towel rails, generally provide two benefits, i.e. they heat the room and dry towels quickly. Our electric towel rails provide a third benefit i.e. an energy saving benefit.

Rointe Radiators - Alternatives to Storage Heaters

You can make some big savings by replacing your storage heaters. Our Rointe electric heaters, offer extended programmability to ensure efficient running, resulting in far cheaper costs for your heating. If you're currently using storage heaters, then you should strongly consider our energy saving radiators as an alternative to storage heaters. Our Rointe heaters bring you the future, today.

Rointe Water Heaters - Rointe RD Series

Rointe water heaters and the RD Series use much less energy than conventional electric water heaters. Studies have shown as much an 80% reduction was achieved by heating 120 litres to 80 centigrade.

Conservatory Radiators

In addition to our Rointe heaters and towel rails, we also stock, Haverland conservatory radiators. Haverland radiators, are specifically designed to provide efficient heating in conservatories and garden rooms, including those with 'dwarf' walls.

Our Rointe heaters only cost a few pence per hour to run thanks to the patented exclusive technology, Optimizer Energy Plus. This controls the 'stop / start' times of our heaters, in such a way that there is significantly less temperature variation throughout any 12 hour period resulting in significantly less use of energy.

The heat is circulated around the room at an even temperature from floor to ceiling. Convection is produced in a natural way due to the special design of the fins of each element, without eliminating the moisture or the oxygen from the air.